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Slovak History

Brief history of Slovakia.

slovak history

Slovakia is a country with a very long history.

Early Slovak History

Slovakia is a country with a very long history. What is today known as Slovakia was once settled by the Celts around 450 BC, and they built a number of impressive oppida there. These were built in what is today known as Bratislava, and silver coins have been found in the area which depict Celtic emperors. Once the Roman Empire began its expansion, it began to create a number of outposts in the area, which were close to the Danube. The Slavic tribes would begin to settle in the area around the 5th century.

Slovakia in The Great Moravian Empire

Western Slovakia would play an important role in the empire of Samo, and the powerful Slovak state would begin to gain great power during the 8th century. The very first Christian church was constructed in the region in the year 828. By 833, Slovakia became home to the Great Moravian Empire. However, the Hungarian empire would split the region up after the fall of the Moravian Dynasty. From then on, it remained a part of Hungary for many years. The Mongols sacked the area by 1241, and this led to a large decline of the population due to famine. Once the Ottoman Empire began to move into Hungary, it reached what is today known as Slovakia.

Contemporary History of Slovakia

By 1918, Slovakia, along with Moravia and Bohemia, merged to become one state, which was known as Czechoslovakia. In 1993, the country had finally gained its independence via what is known as the Velvet Divorce. By 2004, Slovakia became a member of the European Union.