9th – 14th Century November 5th, 2010 Go Pushkin

Slovak History

Slovakia from 9th to 14th Century.

9th to 14th Century

14. 02. 869 Death of Saint Cyril
Greek Saint Cyril died in Rome. St. Cyril was invited by Great Moravian Rastislav in order to bring cristianity and education. He has created Slavic writing system.

28. 03. 1288 Krasna Ves as a Present
Hungarian King Laszlo IV gave village Krasna Ves (Schondorf, Szeplak) into administration of Bratislava as a present for damage caused by attacks of Czech King Premysl Otakar II. in Bratislava.

28. 02. 1302 Matthias Csak
Matthias Csak was given the rule over the Komarno, Trencin and Nitra area for his support of Hungarian King. He became one of the richest and most influential people those times.

18. 03. 1321 Death of Matthew Csak
On his Trencin Castle died wealthy and influential ruler Matthew Csak. In his peak years he was in control of 50 castles and 14 counties.

14. 01. 1348 Karl’s University
Czech king Karl IV. established in Prague the first central-european university, where during the last 650 years have been studying and teaching many famous Slovaks.

05. 02. 1383
Prievidza Royal Free Town

City Prievidza in central Slovakia has been promoted to a Royal Free Town. Prievidza, nowadays industrial town, was first mentioned in year 1113.