15th Century November 5th, 2010 Go Pushkin

Slovak History

Slovakia in the 15th Century.

15th Century

15. 03. 1412 Stara Lubovna Peace Treaty
In 1412 in Stara Lubovna (Tatra Mountains) king Sigismund of Luxembourg signed Peace Treaty with Vladislav II. Jagiellon.

18. 04. 1417
Gipsies Settled in Spis

King Sigismund gave permission to gipsy groups to settle down in Spisske Podhradie. Gipsies were moving throgh the centuries from areas of India towards Europe. Today they live mostly in Eastern Europe.

06. 03. 1430 Bratislava Producing Coins
King Sigismund of Luxembourg granted city Bratislava minting privilege. But history of minting in Bratislava started much earlier with “Breslava Civitas” and “Biatec” coins.

23. 04. 1430 Hussites in Slovakia
Hussites entered the area of Slovakia and near town Trnava began a fight which lasted 5 days. Several thousand men died, although Hussites defeated the Hungarian army, they lost many men and returned back to Moravia.

21. 02. 1440 Stolen Crown
This night in 1440, Helena Kottanner, the assistant of pregnant widow-queen Elisabeth has stolen the Crown from Visegrad and brought it back to Komarno, where overnight the queen gave a birth.

14. 04. 1463 Defence Against Turks
King Matthias Corvinus approached the town of Bratislava in order to get help against the Turkish attack. He was supplied by ships which played an important role in his strategy.

31. 03. 1474 Slovak Villages
King Matthias Corvinus entitled Slovak settlers in mountains in Orava to the right of holding weapons and personal freedom. In return they were patrolling the mountain routes.

16. 03. 1495 Mining Business in Slovakia
16.03.1495 Slovak mining businessmen Jan Turzo and his son Juraj together with bankers family Fugger registered company “Ungarisches Handel” which later became the biggest producer of copper in the world.