16th Century November 5th, 2010 Go Pushkin

Slovak History

Slovakia in the 16th Century.

16th Century

09. 04. 1514 Crusade Against Turks
Bishop Tomas Bakoc announced crusade against Turks. The crusaders were granted an indulgence for their past sins. Those who would avoid to join the crusade, could be excommunicated.

24. 02. 1526 Miners Riot
In Banska Bystrica during miners riot, miners attacked the City Council. The reason was their unpaid wages. After nine days of fights, the rioters had been defeated and their leaders executed.

13. 04. 1556 Kosice Blaze
Large fire destroyed a large part of Kosice. Almost all important buildings burnt down, including the St. Elisabeth Cathedral.

04. 04. 1562 Secany Battle
In 1562 Jan Balasa’s army formed from Slovak mining cities was defeated by Turks. About 6000 men were killed, according to the records of town Banska Bystrica, from their 700 soldiers sent to the battle returned only 6 men.

24. 04. 1566 Hajnacka castle conquered
Castle Hajnacka near Banska Bystrica was destroyed by Turks, which led to strenghtening their position and extending their northern border.

01. 02. 1572 Rudolf II. in Bratislava
Rudolf II. the son of MaximilianII. was announced by his father to be coronated as a King of Hungary in Bratislava. Later known as the King of Bohemia or Archduke of Austria as well.

08. 04. 1582 Mikulas Esterhazi
Mikulas Esterhazi was born in Galanta. He started the fame and wealth of Esterhazi clan. As a Habsburg supporter he came to wealth, became a count. He supported the founding of University in Trnava.