17th Century November 5th, 2010 Go Pushkin

Slovak History

Slovakia in the 17th Century.

17th Century

11. 04. 1601 Telekesi Executed in Bratislava
On the Main Square in Bratislava was executed robber knight Michal Telekesi. He inherited from his father castle Lednica where he together with two robber groups was organising their crime actions.

07. 01. 1611 Elisabeth Bathory
The Bloody Countess and her partners in crime are sentenced. She had been bricked in her room at the Cachtice Castle, her helpers decapitated, or tortured and burnt alive.

08. 02. 1627 Banska Stiavnica
In the Slovak mining city Banska Stiavnica they’ve used for the first time explosives for mining purposes. Since then, explosives were used on regular basis and made mining faster and more cost effective.

28. 04. 1644 Strecno Castle
The countess Zofia Bosnakova died in Strecno Castle. Her husband, the count of Strecno castle, placed her body in a crypt. Her remains are now displayed in a church in Teplicka nad Vahom.

06. 01. 1678 Turkish Invasion
On Sixth of July 1678 Turkish army attacked village Poniki, near Banska Bystrica. During the invasion 18 people were killed and 311 were taken slaves.

08. 01. 1680 Tokoly Uprising
Imrich Tokoly from Kezmarok became the leader of anti-Habsburg uprising. With the support of Turkish army he managed to control most of the area of today’s Slovakia.

05. 03. 1687 Presov Massacre
In Slovak town Presov a special tribunal started sentencing supporters of the antiHasburg rebellion leader Imre Thokoly. Tribunal was active until 12 Sept 1687 and the sentenced were tortured and executed.

26. 01. 1688 Juraj Janosik
Slovak “Robin Hood” was born in Terchova, Northern Slovakia. He was the leader of a famous robber group, which according to the legend was sharing their loot with the poor.