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Slovak History

Slovakia in the 19th Century.

19th Century

15. 04. 1809 Napoleon Troops
The Napoleon troops crossed the border of Hungary near Bratislava causing lots of damage in this area. The Devin Castle was burnt down, and Bratislava was sprinkled with hundreds of cannonballs.

30. 03. 1820 Andrej Sladkovic
Slovak priest Andrej Sladkovic (originally Braxatoris) was born. He was the most important writer of the Slovak romantic poetry. Later involved in social and political activities as well.

10. 01. 1821 Janko Matuska
Famous Slovak poet Janko Matuskawas born In Dolny Kubin. During the revolution in 1848-1849 he organised a uprising in Orava. He is the author of lyrics for national anthem.

27. 04. 1822 Jan Palarik
Slovak priest, dramatist and journalist Jan Palarik was born. He is an author of many popular plays, which some of them are still present in Slovak theatres. Also an editor of several newspapers and magazines.

12. 01. 1824 Jozef Erdody
In Nitra count Jozef Erdody died, who was responsible for rebuilding of the spa in Piestany. After the end of the Napoleon wars he built the first mirror pool in Piestany and first bathhouse.

02. 04. 1827 Dionyz Stur
One of the most important natural scientists of 19th century was born. Dionyz Stur had been the director of Geological Institute in Viena. He was responsible for mapping of the areas of Austria, Czech and Slovakia.

27. 01. 1829 Jan Botto
Born in Gemer area, this Slovak romantic writer found his inspiration in Slovak traditional ballads. His most famous piece Smrt Janosikova is about the death of a national hero.

15. 01. 1845 Slovak National Newspaper
Hungarian king Ferdinand V. gave permission to Ludovit Stur for issuing first Slovak political newspaper Slovenskje Narodnje Noviny.

16. 01. 1847 Svatozar Hurban Vajansky
One of the most important people in Slovak cultural life was born. Lawyer, journalist and writer, editor of national newspaper.

02. 02. 1849 Pavol Orszagh Hviezdoslav
Pavol Orszagh Hviezdoslav was born in Visny Kubin in a well situated family. He introduced the syllabic-tonic verse to Slovak leterature and is regarded as one of the biggest Slovak poets.

07. 03. 1850 Tomas Garrigue Masaryk
The first president of Czechoslovakia Tomas Masaryk was born. His father was Slovak, mother from Bohemia. He started using middle name Garrigue after his marriage with Charlotte Garrigue.

13. 01. 1851 Karol Stur
In Modra in 1851 died the priest, teacher and poet Karol Stur, founder of Czecho-Slovak society. After his death, his 7 children were looked after his brother Ludovit Stur.

24. 01. 1852 Jan Kollar
Famous protestant priest and writer, professor of Slavic archeology, originally from Central Slovakia, died in Vienna. As an expert on Slavic history, he had been teaching on the university in Vienna.

19. 03. 1856 Gas Lamps in Bratislava
In Bratislava gas lamps started to replace pitch torches and oil lamps, almost nine months earlier than Budapest. Lamps used gas made from imported coal.

08. 03. 1861 Cernoknaznik
First Slovak Humor and Satire Magazine has been published. The editor of Cernoknaznik was Viliam Pauliny Tóth, popular Slovak writer.

06. 04. 1863 Jozef Hanula
Slovak painter Jozef hanula was born. Since he was 15 years old he was involved with fine arts, active painter, art teacher and also involved in restoration of many valuable historical paintings.

09. 02. 1864 Ludovit Cordak
Slovak painter Ludovit Cordak was born in Kosice. In his paintings he was focusing mostly on romantic-style landscapes. Died in 1937 in Kosice.

17. 02. 1864 Jozef Murgas
Jozef Murgas was born. He studied theology, but was intrested in natural sciences. The “Radio Priest” moved to USA in 1896 where he started a successful career in electrotechnology, helped develop wireless communication.

11. 03. 1864 Colonel Gejza Mihaloci
During the Civil War fights in Tenessee Confederation Colonel Mihaloci was killed. He was in charge of the “Lincoln Riflemen of Slavic Origin” volunteer unit, which incorporated many Slovaks.

12. 02. 1866 Ladislav Nadasi Jege
In Dolny Kubin was born Slovak writer Ladislav Nadasi Jege. He has been inspired by french Emile Zola and Russian realists.

31. 01. 1869 Albert Skarvan
In Ruzomberok this Slovak anti-militarist was born. Already as a student, he was influenced by Tolstoy’s philosophy and refused to join the army. He lived at Tolstoy’s in Russia in years 1896-1897.

30. 04. 1870 Franz Lehar
In Komarno Franz Lehar was born, one of the most important music composers. The peak of his career was during his stay in Vienna, where he became famous for his work.

03. 04. 1876 Bata Shoes
In Zlin (today Czech Republic) Tomas Bata was born. He became famous worldwide as a shoe producer. Bata introduced modern methods of production. In Slovakia Bata shoes were produces in Batovany, today Partizanske.

10. 03. 1888 Ivan Stodola
In Liptovsky Mikulas Slovak dramatist Ivan Stodola was born. He is author of many successful pieces, some of them have been published as films (Jozko Pucik a Jeho Kariera).

30. 01. 1889 The Mayerling Tragedy
Prince Rudolf, the only son of Franz Joseph, shot in Mayerling castle near Vienna his 17-years old lover Baroness Mary Vetsera. Afterwards he shot himself in the head.

25. 01. 1895 Janko Alexy
Slovak writer and painter was born in Liptovsky Mikulas. He was inspired by Slovak nature and created more than 1300 paintings during his life. He was one of the key artists in the beginning of Modern Art in Slovakia.

23. 02. 1896 Jozef Ciger-Hronsky
Famous Slovak writer was born in Zvolen. He was involved in many cultural and political activities, in 1945 he emigrated to Argentina where he died in 1960.

03. 01. 1897 Pola Negri
Pola Negri was born, originally Barbara Apollonia Chalupiecova, a Polish-Slovakian actress who started her career in Warsaw as 15 years old, later acting in Berlin and finally very successfully in Hollywood.