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Slovak History

Slovakia in the Second Half of 20th Century.

The Second Half of 20th Century

22. 01. 1951 Ondrej Nepela
A legendary ice skater Ondrej NepelaIn was born in Bratislava. Apart from other important victories, he won the gold medal in the Winter Olympics 1972, five times gold on European Championships and three times gold on World Championships.

02. 03. 1951 Ludmila Podjavorinska
One of biggest Slovak writers Ludmila Podjavorinska died in Nove Mesto Nad Vahom in Western Slovakia. She is highly regarded as a pioneer of Slovak modern literature for children.

28. 01. 1956 First Live TV Broadcast
On Jan 28th – the first live broadcast by Czechoslovak television. It was the programme of Winter Olympic Games in Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy.

07. 02. 1968 Peter Bondra
One of the biggest Slovak Ice Hockey players Peter Bondra was born, he is well known for for his career in several NHL teams and as a general manager of the Slovak national team.

26. 02. 1968 Communist CIA Agent
Czechoslovak Army General Jan Sejna, one of the closest people of president Antonin Novotny, fled abroad. This communist general became overnight a CIA agent.

19. 01. 1969 Jan Palach
Czech student Jan Palach died suffering from heavy injuries caused by self-immolation as a protest against the Soviet occupation. Students in Bratislava started on this day a solidarity hunger strike.

07. 04. 1972 Icehockey Championship Prague
World and European Icehockey Championship was held in Prague. Czechoslovak team won the championship once again, without a loss of a single match. In finale Czechoslovakia, although under Soviet occupation, defeated their team.

25. 04. 1976 World Championship Poland
Czechoslovak team took part in the World and European Ice Hockey Championship in Katowice, Poland and once again won the gold medal.

22. 02. 1977 Jaslovske Bohunice A1
Reactor unit A1 in Slovak nuclear power plant Jaslovske Bohunice suffered major accident and radioactive substances were released into the plant area. After this incident, the reactor was closed down.

26. 04. 1986 Chernobyl Disaster
In Chernobyl, Soviet Union, a reactor accident occcured at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant which led to a severe nuclear meltdown. Radioactive clouds spread even to Slvakia.

25. 03. 1988 Candle Demonstration
In Bratislava 10 000 people took part in a peaceful protest for freedom of religious and political beliefs. Police used brute force against the protestants. This was the beginning of the end of communism.

29. 03. 1990 New Name of Czechoslovakia
New law was issued about the change of term Czechoslovakia to Czecho-slovak Federative Republic, later on changed to Czech and Slovak Federative Republic.

22. 04. 1990 Pope Visiting Bratislava
Pope John Paul II. visited Bratislava and celebrated a Mass for the faithful of Slovakia at Vajnory Airport. Hundreds of thousands of religious people gathered, many came from neighbouring countries.

27. 03. 1991 Soviets Went Home
Since 1968 Czechoslovakia was under occupation of Soviet troops, for more than 20 years, until 27th of March 1991 finally last Soviet soldier left the country.

01. 01. 1993 Slovak Republic
After many years of coexistence with Czech Republic under the flag of Czechoslovakia on the First of January 1993 Slovak Republic became independent. Since 1993 this event is being celebrated together with the New Year.

15. 02. 1993 First Slovak President
In the second round of presidential election for newly established Slovak Republic, Michal Kovac has been elected to be the first president of Slovak Republic.

20. 02. 1999 Ivan Bella
Astronaut Ivan Bella became the first Slovak to enter outer space if not considering U.S. astronaut of Slovak origin Eugene Cernan. His mission was successful, landed a week later back on Earth.