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Spa in Slovakia

Relaxation in Slovakia, spa, recreation.

Slovakia has several popular spa regions

Spa in Slovakia

If you’re looking for stress relief, Slovakia is a country which is abundant in spas. There are a number of cottages and facilities spread throughout the country which specialize in relaxation, and they are very popular among tourists who travel there. Many of these facilities will be located in close proximity to either mineral springs or thermal springs. No matter what your needs, these establishments will be able to cater to them. In addition to individuals, the spas in Slovakia also cater to companies. There are a number of prominent towns in this country which cater to spas, and two of them are Bojnice and Sklene Teplice.

Sklene Teplice Spa

Sklene Teplice is a small town which can be found in close proximity to the Stiavnicke Vrchy. The climate here is quite warm, and the humidity is moderate, but during the winter months, it can become quite cold. Starting in the 16th century, a number of hot springs near this town begin to be used for taking baths in caves, and they were also used for the production of glass. Information regarding these spas were recorded in 1549. There are a number of thermal, open air pools here where you can swim and relax during your stay in Slovakia. This treatment is excellent for those who suffer from either movement apparatus issues or neurological orders.

Bojnice Spa

Bojnice is a spa town that can be found close to Prievidza with elevation about 290 meters above sea level. This town also has several famous sights, and is located in close proximity to the Mala Magura Mountains. The climate here is also warm, and it will be somewhat moist since it is located in the lowlands. Spas and thermal springs have been referenced in this city as far back as the 11th century, and the city today has been turned into a high end resort for tourists and locals. The spa season will start in the summer, and in addition to this, Bojnice is also home to the Summer Music Spa Festival.