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Slovakian Culture

Culture in Slovakia, find out about the cultural background in Slovakia

Slovakia is producing many excellent musicians

Culture in Slovakia

Slovakia has a culture which is distinct from other countries in Europe, even the Czech Republic. While the cuisine will vary from one area to another, it borrows certain aspects from its neighbors, while adding a touch which is Slovakian. One dish found in this country is Bryndzove halusky, which is potato dumplings combined with milk or cheese. The milk will generally be taken from a sheep, and this dish is considered to be the national one. Soups are very common here, and two of the most popular are Fazulova, which is a soup made with beans, and Kapustnica, a soup made with sauerkraut.

Music in Slovakia

Music has also played an important part of Slovak culture over the centuries, and the same is true today. Traditional music in Slovakia is a combination of both European folklore and Slavic folklore. The oldest style of this music was first developed during the 9th century, and the Slovakian musical style is highly liturgical in nature. In addition to this, chamber music also plays a role in traditional Slovakian tunes as well. Music is very prominent today, and Bratislava is known for its Philharmonic Orchestra. Modern music is the most popular genre with the contemporary generation as anywhere else, from Pop to Rap and Metal.

Slovak Cinema

Another thing that plays an important role in Slovakian culture is cinema. Slovakian cinema is comprised of a number of themes, borrowing many aspects of other European film. Many forms of Slovakian cinema will contain elements such as folk traditions, rural back drops, and carnival. This is seen even in experimental forms of Slovakian film. Dramas are very popular in Slovakia but other genres of cinema are not behind, such as comedies or science fiction.