Slovak Sweets Recipes February 21st, 2012 Go Pushkin

Slovak Sweets Recipes

Here are popular Slovak Sweets recipes!
Click the name of the sweets then you’ll find recipes.

Medvedie Labky
Bear Paws [Medvedie labky]
Bear Paws, Medvedie labky are one of the Slovak christmas cookies. The madeleine cookie pan just works great as a bear paw mold.

Slovak Crepes [Palacinky]

Palacinky are Slovak name for crepes.
Enjoy with your favourite fillings and toppings!

Jablkovy kolac
Slovak Apple Cake [Jablkový koláč]
Jablkový koláč, literally means apple cake in Slovak.

Slovak Coconut Cookies [Kokosové pusinky]
Kokosove Pusinky are Slovak name for coconut cookies.

mulled wine
Mulled Wine [Varené Víno]
Varené Víno is the Slovak name for mulled wine.