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Entertainment in Slovakia

Tips for entertainment in Slovakia, what to do, where to go out. Pubs, night clubs, amusement parks etc.

Slovakia is well known for specific wines and beers

Entertainment in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country which is abundant in numerous forms of entertainment. In addition to skiing Slovakia, there is number of other activities which are available during most times of the year. Opera and theatre are very popular, in this country, of a very high quality. Hotels will play an important part of the nightlife in Slovakia, but nightclubs are also popular in the larger cities. If you enjoy beer, you will want to try out some of the pubs in Slovakia. The beer available is known for its high quality.

Cafes in Slovakia

If you enjoy cake and coffee, you will want to visit one of the cozy Cafes. If you have a sweet tooth, or are in the need of a bit of energy, here you will find it. The cakes are known to be especially delicious. In Bratislava tourists that are looking for a bit of adventure will want to take a tour of the city via the Old tram. The tour will last about two hours, and it can be a great deal of fun. The tram can hold a maximum of 30 people, and after the riding tour is complete, you will also be able to take a walk throughout the pedestrian areas of the city.

Slovak Dining

For dining, Slovakia offers a lot to the traveler. I advise tourists to try out some of the restaurants which serve Slovakian style cuisines. Many of the venues are known for serving excellent tasting wine, in tourist areas folk performances will often be included, which has whistles, drums, dance, and even bagpipes. If you’re looking for a Medieval style dinner with candle light, you will want to visit one of the places in the old city centres. To top it off, some restaurants even has Renaissance style music. Those who are interested in knights will want to see A Knights Tournament, which showcases the style of fencing used by knights. The event is being held at Devin Castle.