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Night Clubs in Slovakia

Tips for entertainment in Slovakia, what to do, where to go out.

Good nightclubs can be found in cities such as Bratislava

Night Clubs in Slovakia

While much of the nightlife in Slovakia may occur in hotels, good nightclubs can be found in cities such as Bratislava. Because Slovakia is home to a number of high quality breweries, those who enjoy drinking beer will definitely want to try the Old Brewery. The Old Brewery is a beer house that can hold almost 2,000 people, and it has been around since the 19th century. Of all the drinking establishments in the country, the Old Brewery is one of the best. Those who don’t like drinking, but enjoy sweets and coffee, will definitely want to visit stylish cafes like Au Cafe.

Something Else

The Arkadia Cafe is excellent for those who are looking for a brief refreshment, but not a heavy. The cakes served here are known to be tasty and well made. Another thing that you may want to see while visiting Slovakia is the Old Tram city tour. This is a great tour for visitors who want to see more of the city. The tour lasts for a couple of hours, and the tram itself can hold a maximum of thirty people. After the tram ride is complete, the tour will continue with a walk which will take you through the pedestrian area of the city center. Of course, the nightlife wouldn’t be complete without dining.

Slovak Dining

If you’re visiting Slovakia, you will naturally want to have a traditional Slovakian meal. There are a number of restaurants where you can eat great tasting food under candle light. Many of these establishments will also have music, and this music may be combined with dancing, as well as the use of whistles, drums, and bagpipes. There are even a number of places in Slovakia where you can enjoy traditional Renaissance music, but there are also many night clubs in the major city where you can enjoy more modern music.