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Rafting in Slovakia

Adrenalin water sport – a must try.

Rafting is very popular in Slovakia

Rafting in Slovakia

Rafting is very popular in Slovakia, and it is considered an extreme sport which will allow a man to test his strength, endurance, and resolve. There are several rivers in Slovakia which are ideal for rafting, as Orava, Bela, Vah or Dunajec. While rafting is often seen as being a challenging activity, it can actually allow you to feel a large degree of freedom, and you are very likely to forget many of the daily problems you may have. The biggest challenge that you will face when rafting in Slovakia is the unpredictability of water. Before you go rafting here, I advise you to get a guide.

Be Part of an Organised Rafting Tour

A guide is useful because they can provide you with relevant information that is related to safety and the rivers. Some of the guides you hire may use puff up rafts, and they can work with as many as 6 people. Each person will be provided with a helmet, water resistant clothes, and a waistcoat. There are great parts of the river that you will want to try more than once, and the guide will be willing to help you. If you’re proficient when it comes to rafting, you can get a raft which comes with its own equipment. The sessions will generally last for a day or so, but could be longer depending on the tour.

Rivers to Raft in Slovakia

The rivers and scenery of Slovakia are astoundingly beautiful. Of all the rivers in Slovakia, the Bela is the cleanest and most popular. Those who raft on the Bela will not quickly forget the experience. Liptovsky Mikulas will offer rafting on canals which have been artificially created, and they are quite popular among many rafters. The Hron is a river which many consider to be most appropriate for families or children. It is known for its relaxation, and will not bring the challenges that the other rivers would bring.