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Skiing in Slovakia

Slovakia is a popular skiing destination.

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Slovakia

Skiing in Slovakia

While Slovakia is a popular destination for skiing, before you go, it will first be important for you to get travel insurance. While the policy won’t cost much, it can save you a great deal of money. Whether you’re an expert or amateur, Slovakia is a great location for skiers. The two best areas in Slovakia for this activity are the Low and High Tatras. If you’re looking to avoid crowds, you will want to head to the Low Tatras, but the High Tatras will offer you more in terms of snow and facilities. The High Tatras are also known for their very high peaks, many of them over 2500 meters in height.

Skiing in Tatra Mountains

This mountains are host to a number of world championships, and the lifts in these areas will typically be in operation from December until March. If you arrive in Slovakia when the lifts are not available, cross country skiing is an excellent alternative you can use. While there are a number of prominent resorts in this country, perhaps the most prominent is the Strbske Pleso. It has gained a global reputation since the 1970s, and this is due to the Alpine Skiing World Championship being held there. The trails are practically perfect, and there are a number of T-bars and chairlifts available.

Tatranska Lomnica

A large portion of this terrain will contain structures which are designed to produce snow. In addition to skiing, there are a number of additional activities which are available to the adventurous visitor, and some of these include bungee jumping, paragliding, and swimming. Another great resort for skiers is Tatranska Lomnica. The absolute highest altitude for skiing in this country is approximately 2,200 meters. There are a number of cable cars and lifts which can be used at Tatranska Lomnica. One thing that many travelers like about this resort is its organisation.

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    I am love the fact Slovakia is up on the Skiing. I worked for a Ski Shop for seven years, and I look forward to being able to ski these wonderful mountains. OK Slovakia here I come maybe someday….