Banska Bystrica November 16th, 2010 Go Pushkin

Banska Bystrica

One of the most important towns in Central Slovakia.

SNP (Slovak National Uprising) Square, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Banska Bystrica

This is one of the oldest towns in the country, and it holds a large square that impresses many visitors. Like many cities in Slovakia, Banska Bystrica is surrounded by stunning mountains. The city itself has a history which is long and full of pride. If you should visit Banska Bystrica, you will not want to leave without viewing the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) Square. The SNP is named in honor of the Slovaks who bravely battled the Germans during the second world war.

The Slovak National Uprising Museum in Banska Bystrica
Another site that you will want to visit while you’re in Banska Bystrica is The SNP Museum. It can be found two blocks from the square, and it contains a lot of information which is related to World War II. The museum has the architectural design of a Klobuk, which is a type of Slovak hat. The museum has the shape of a big oval that is split in the center. Visitors who speak English can take a tour of the museum, and the tour will be explained to them in English. These tours can be recorded.

Stefan Moyzes Square
Another area that you will want to visit while you’re in Central Slovakia is the Stefan Moyzes Square, which contains a number of historical sites. Some of these sites include the German Church, which is the oldest building in the city. The German Church has a spire on it which is colored beige and red. This church was first constructed in 1255, and castle walls were placed around it during the 15th century. While the church has undergone a few renovations, it remains an important part of Slovak history. You can reach Banska Bystrica by train, but it will take you about three hours if you leave from Bratislava.