High Tatra Mountains November 16th, 2010 Go Pushkin

The High Tatra Mountains

The High Tatras is the most popular tourist region in Slovakia

The High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

About High Tatra Mountains

The Tatra National Park is the most popular tourist area in Slovakia. The High Tatras comprise about 300 peaks, and when combined with the Southern Carpathian mountains, they are the only mountains in the area which have an Alpine like environment.

Places to see in High Tatras
Around 300 peaks in The High Tatra Mountains are identified by their elevation and names. Also 35 glacial lakes is identified, of which the largest one Velke Hincovo Pleso has a surface of 50 acres. High Tatras are famous for it’s wonderful waterfalls as well, Skok Falls, Obrovsky Falls or the Kmetov Falls where water is falling 80 metres deep.
The High Tatra Mountains provide a home to animals like chamois, marmots, eagles or bears.