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Spis castle, Eastern Slovakia

Eastern Slovakia

Spis Castle (Spissky Hrad)

Eastern Slovakia is home to a number of historical sites, and they are certain to impress the traveler. Eastern Slovakia is home to one of the most famous castles in the country, and this is the Spissky Hrad. This is believed to be the biggest castle within Central Europe, and it seems to literally protrude out of a hill. Spissky Castle was constructed in what is today Eastern Slovakia in 1209. It was designed to act as a defense against the Tartars, who were invading the country during this time. Those traveling Slovakia will not want to leave without seeing this impressive beauty. The hill on which Spissky Hrad sits is about 634 meters in height, and it has an excellent vantage point which would have allowed it to be efficient in protecting the region from invaders. It could also be used to protect roads which were used to come into the area. Even after the original construction of the castle, it became necessary to reinforce it every now and then.

Saris Castle (Sarissky Hrad)

Another prominent castle which you can find in Eastern Slovakia is Saris Castle (Sarissky Hrad). This castle sits to the north of Presov, and it used to be also one of the largest castles in the country. The near village is Velky Saris, and you would need to take Road 68 in order to reach it. If you’re on foot, it will take you as long as 40 minutes to reach the site. As you make your way towards it, you can appreciate the impressive beauty of this country. While Eastern Slovakia has a large number of castles, there are many other things that you can do there. Slovakia is an excellent country for winter sports, and this includes skiing and snowboarding. Many people also come here during the summer, as the weather is quite pleasant.