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Hiking in Slovakia

Slovakia is excellent for the hiker who is looking to get off the beaten track.

Hiking in Slovakia

Hiking in Slovakia

Because of the impressive mountainous landscape of Slovakia, it is only natural that this country would become a prominent spot for hiking. There are a number of hiking routes which are available here, and using them will allow you to be amazed by the natural beauty of Slovakia. While most of the people who visit the country don’t visit the mountains, they are missing out on a very fun adventure. Not only is the landscape in the country beautiful, the hiking will offer you a challenge as well. One of the best places for hiking in Slovakia is the Mala Fatra Mountains.

The Hiking Challenge

The flora within the alpine forests are a sight to witness, and as you hike, you will cross over green valleys, ridges, and peaks. In addition to this, you will get a chance to meet the locals, who are known to be very friendly. While tourists may enjoy hiking while they are here, you may be interested to know that hiking in Slovakia is considered to be one of the most popular activities. There are a number of tour guides which can take you on hiking trips during your stay, and during these trips, you may ascend challenging trails in order to reach the summit of numerous mountain peaks, most notably the High Tatras.

Off the Beaten Track

The High Tatras is excellent for the hiker who is looking to get off the beaten track, because this is an area of the country that is not visited by that many tourists. As you hike with your guide, you will often be taken to villages that have not lost their old world charm. Your tour guide will often provide you with an itinerary which will map out the areas you will travel to. These tours can last for days.