Sightseeing November 16th, 2010 Go Pushkin

Sightseeing in Slovakia

A country with many things to see.

Devin Castle, near Bratislava

Sightseeing in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country in which there are many things to see. One of the most popular are castles, for which Slovakia is famous, since it has a large number of them. It has been estimated that there are as many as 170 castles, and Spissky Castle is the largest in Central Europe. Those who are interested in both history and the Middle Ages will not want to leave without visiting these sites. Many of the towns in Slovakia have a large number of monuments and museums, and the country has a rich history which has largely been preserved. They have been preserved in the form of churches, cathedrals, and town halls.

Visiting Tatra Mountains

For those who enjoy the outdoors or hiking, one of the best places in the country are the High Tatras. It has a number of places and views which are highly impressive, and one of the most interesting is the Gerlach Peak, which stands at a height of about 2655 meters. The Gerlach Peak is the highest peak in the country, and it offers impressive views of the landscape. In addition to the Tatras, another thing that you will want to see in Slovakia is its caves.