Trencin November 12th, 2010 Go Pushkin


A lively town in Western Slovakia with a long history.

Trencin castle, Western Slovakia


This city is often regarded as one of the most enchanting in the country. Trencin Castle, which can also be found here, is one of the largest in Central Europe. The only castles which are larger than Trencin are the Bratislava Castle, along with the Spissky Hrad. The castle is quite a sight, as it looms over the other buildings in the city. Trencin is excellent for hiking, and it has a number of trails which lead you into the forest from the center of the city. Hikers who follow these trails will be given a distinct view of Trencin Castle from the back.

It’s not just the Trencin Castle

In addition to this, hikers will also be presented with a monument which was erected in honor of people who were killed during World War II. The forest monument will show a man who has his hands tied behind his back, and his head is being forced under water while a gun is held to him. However, Trencin is also home to an impressive nightlife. The city has a large number of restaurants and cafes, and live music can generally be heard in the evenings. When you visit Western Slovakia, you will want to spend a bit of time sitting on the bench of Mierove Namestie during the evenings.

From this location, you can witness some of the most impressive sights to be seen in the country. The Trencin Castle will be viewed with a large number of lights, and it is simply stunning. Those who enjoy spas will want to try out Trencianske Teplice, which is a spa village that can be found nearby. To get to Western Slovakia, you would need to leave Bratislava by train, as the city of Trencin is on the main path. If you want to travel to Western Slovakia by car, you will need to take the E75 highway which sits to the northeast of Bratislava.